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Do you have minimum orders?

Yes, we do for individual custom pouches, but we can usually help smaller customers by linking their orders to production runs for larger customers. This sometimes entails a short delay, but allows smaller customers to compete with larger companies without being tied to large volumes. 

I can't see what I need on your website

We have made out presence felt in the cheese packaging market place by solving either peoples issues and making packaging to solve the issue or from using out portfolio of worldwide partners to find the product required.

Do you charge to find solutions for my packaging requirements?

There is no charge for the investigations and research if necessary, but there could be a charge for samples, especially if they are custom designed. This is usually refunded on receipt of an initial production order though.

What print formats are available

We can cater for all print requirements, in Gravure, Flexographic, Digital and Lithographic. Please let us know your requirements.

Can I have a quotation for current packaging?

We are happy to produce a no obligation quotation for any packaging that we can supply. However, we do not get into price wars and our first quotation is our best price. If it proves commercial viable, then we are happy to supply. .

Do you hold shelf stock?

So the majority of the packaging we supply is customised to the individual customer. There are a few common sizes, that we do hold some stock of. What we do offer though is as follows. As long as we have a purchase order in place, we will make and hold stock for call off. We then only invoice upon dispatch as long as taken within 6 months. We find this helps us not have to deal with too many emergencies and the customer with peace of mind, but also with storage space and finance.

Do you accept returns?

Yes of course. If there is a problem then we fully investigate and take the appropriate actions. We do ask for full information such as box labels and samples of any packaging that is felt to be below the required standard.

Do you export?

Yes we can supply to any country that we have been asked to so far. There are sometimes minimums involved to make it commercially viable, but this is on a case by case scenario.

Do you offer sustainable or recyclable cheese packaging?

Yes, we do offer a variety of environmentally friendly  cheese packaging. We have from fully recyclable to recyclable and compostable products in our range.

Any other questions?

Please feel free to ask. We offer our advice freely and if we don’t know the answer, we usually know where to find the information required.

Questions? Comments? Write to us, or give us a call.

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